Hosted Call Flow Solutions, Memorable Business Phone Numbers & Cheap International Calls

We are the experts in solving inbound call flow issues. From simple call queuing, voicemail & time of day routing plans, to complex routing involving IVR or multiple geographic locations, Carlton Telecom can help. To benefit from any of these services, call us today and speak to one of our friendly team.

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0845 Numbers

0845 Numbers are our most frequently ordered range of phone numbers – a great choice for business use as calls routed to a UK landline are free to receive, and free for your customers to call with most BT residential packages.

Prices start from just £14.99 a month, with no set up fees for our entry level ‘Bronze’ 0845 numbers.

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0800/0808 Numbers

Widely recognised as free to call – and now free to call from all UK mobiles too!  0800 & 0808 numbers increase advertising response rates and improves customer loyalty too!

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0843/0844 Numbers

Your customers pay just 7p a minute (plus their phone provider’s access charge) to call you and they’re free for you to receive.

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03 Numbers

You pay under a penny a minute to receive calls – and calls to them are included in most callers monthly minute bundles, from landlines and mobiles.

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