Why are 0800 Numbers Best for Attracting New Business?

When running a business, you’re going to need to be smart about marketing. Modern consumers are savvier than ever before. This means you are going to need to be clever about how you build your brand, and the way that you pitch yourself to your public. Did you know, however, that this starts as early […]

0800 freephone numbers for business

When running a business, you’re going to need to be smart about marketing. Modern consumers are savvier than ever before. This means you are going to need to be clever about how you build your brand, and the way that you pitch yourself to your public. Did you know, however, that this starts as early as the number you choose for your business and services?

The number you set up for your business is going to impact hugely on the initial customers who wish to call you. For example, should you use an 0800 number, an 03 number, or a local or national line? Just when you thought that setting up your business number was the easiest part, along comes a variety of options and vchoices.

Don’t worry – as leading experts in business number management, Call Center is here to help show you why choosing an 0800 number, in particular, could make all the difference to the revenue you generate for your business.

0800 Numbers Are Free to Call!

This is perhaps the most obvious reason for setting up an 0800 number for business. Rather than expect your customers and callers to pay to speak to you, the bill falls to you. This is going to be immediately more appealing to your callers than them having to shell out for national or local rate calls just to get a few minutes worth of help.

0800 numbers may be chargeable at your side of things, but the potential revenue you’ll generate along the way will be more than worth the overhead costs you clear. The fact is, anything you pay for 0800 numbers from month to month will clear once you’re engaging with more people on a more regular basis.

You only have to take a look at our competitive rates and services to understand this. Ultimately, for businesses with a focus on growing significantly, it makes sense to invest now for the future.

0800 Numbers are Instantly Professional

Consider your own calling habits when it comes to approaching businesses for the first time. Are you more likely to reach out to a business with a basic mobile number, or an 0800 line? Chances are, you’ll likely find that an 0800 number gives off the impression of a number that’s going to connect to a stable, professional service.

Of course, we all know this is something you’re already offering – but you’re going to need to inspire confidence in people who haven’t connected with you before! Therefore, by choosing an 0800 number, you’ll be giving your customers a fantastic choice – and reason to call – without any kind of advanced marketing.

0800 Numbers Have All Kinds of Perks

When you choose 0800 numbers for your business with Call Center, you’ll have access to a fantastic range of additional services and perks. Not only will you be able to set up your own 0800 number through which you can receive all your client communications, you’ll be able to route all your existing calls through this number.

This means that you can effectively route calls to your business mobiles through your 0800 number. What’s more, you’ll also be able to manage your numbers through your own dashboard. Why not take advantage of managing your business number through a dashboard where you can keep a close eye on how everything is performing?

You’ll also be able to personalise and enhance your service for your customers, too. This means that you’ll be able to record specific messages and IVR Notes for callers. What use is there in expecting your callers to fumble around looking or the right department when you can carefully direct them from place to place?

When you set up a virtual 0800 number with Call Center, you’ll have access to no-holds-barred business communications streamlining. This means that you don’t just get a great number that you can share with the masses, but also a fully fledged commercial calling machine to help you retain control of all your calls and contacts.

Aren’t Local Numbers Better?

There are some arguments out there which suggest local or national numbers may be better value. However, it is generally a matter of taste. 03 numbers and 01 or 02 numbers can be great for inspiring customers, but an 08 number – especially one beginning 0800 – will inspire customers to call a fixed, central line which doesn’t have any kind of local base. In the modern age, customers aren’t always going to be so concerned with a local number or not.

However, this does depend on the type of service you offer. If you are looking to reach out to local people, then a local rate or national prefix will make a lot of difference. But won’t it make more sense to offer up a free number? The less money that customers and callers spend on getting through to you, the better. What’s more, the costs at your end are going to be drops in the ocean when it compares to the extended revenue you’ll stand to get from more interest and a bigger client base.

Make an Upgrade That Matters

Knowing how to upgrade your business line and communications nowadays doesn’t have to be as tricky as it seems. At Call Center, we are always making it easier on our customers and clients to help set up a lasting, worthwhile business number solution.

0800 numbers are great for businesses. You’ll be able to encourage people to call you for free, and you’ll have access to a wide array of virtual call management options and solutions to help you analyse who’s calling you, and where you wish to route calls to.

If you are growing your business and are struggling to engage people in a manner you desire, it’s time to look at your central business number. Go for a managed 0800 number and you will soon find more and more people willing to reach out to you. It’s fascinating to see how much of a difference changing your number to an 08 can actually make!